Navajo Silver Jewelry

About Navajo Silver Jewelry

Many people love the Navajo silver jewelry. It is exquisitely made by trained craftsman for a refined and special look. The Navajo silver jewelry is something the Native Americans feel very proudly about.

The Beauty of Navajo Silver Jewelry

Navajo silver jewelry is beautiful and delicate. The Navajo silver jewelry pieces are something many women like to wear with both formal and casual clothing. Since the Navajo silver jewelry comes in the shape of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, they usually have a collection to wear at any given time.

Taking Care of Navajo Silver Jewelry

The Navajo silver jewelry is very delicate. It is also extremely sensitive to cleaners that are used on other types of jewelry. When a person needs to clean their Navajo silver jewelry, they should use a polishing cloth. The polishing cloth that should be used for the Navajo silver jewelry can be found at a jewelry store.

It is also important that a person store their Navajo silver jewelry in a safe, dry place. Most people store their items in a jewelry box in an air tight bag to keep the pieces from tarnishing or getting damaged.

The History of the Navajo Silver Jewelry

Navajo silver jewelry has been used for the last 7,000 years. The Navajo tribe used it for their special burials for their clan. In later years, the Hopi and the Zuni tribes began to use the Navajo silver jewelry for their burials also. The jewelry pieces are a way to show their respect for their deceased. It is tradition that the jewelry be used in the burial process.

Most of the time, the Navajo used the turquoise stone as part of their jewelry patterns. The turquoise stone is formed by apatite and feldspar. They mix together and when they are incorporated with copper it causes a reaction. The particles are then mixed with hot lava and over time, the turquoise stone is formed. The turquoise stone is extremely fragile, and much care needs to be taken when they are removing it from the earth, and when they are forming it into silver jewelry pieces.

Navajo silver jewelry is a very popular accessory for many women and men for all different types of occasions throughout the year. The jewelry is made to last a long time, and a person will be able to keep it looking nice by taking good care of it.

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